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10:00 - 15:00

4th of June 2019

Banérgatan 16

We are organizing an HR Design Thinking Workshop in corporation with our partner Benify on the 4th of June 2019 at Benify’s offices in Stockholm. The topic we will address is employee engagement. So are you dealing with employee engagement challenges? What if you could step in the shoes of you employees for one day? Join our design thinking workshop and find the ‘What is?’, ‘What if?’, ‘What wows?’, ‘What works for employee engagement?’. In addition, we will have a look at the second stage: ‘How might we..?’

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Design Thinking is a systematic, human-centered approach. Design Thinkers step into the end users’ shoes. Solutions and ideas are concretized and communicated in the form of prototypes as early as possible in the process, so potential users can test them and provide feedback – long before the completion or launch. Therefore, Design Thinking generates practical results. During the Workshop, we will tackle different problem statements from your choosing!

This is an exclusive workshop with room for max. 16 participants, the registration is open for HR & IT leaders from organizations with a minimum of 1000 employees, and preferred to work in a multi-country environment.
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