According to Merriam-Webster dictionaries, this is the definition of payroll. But it's so much more than that! Today, we'll dive into the pool of payroll. A topic that is not necessarily found to be sexy but you might change your mind after reading this issue.

For instance, did you know that employers in Belgium think green? In a lot of Belgian companies, an ecocheque voucher is given by the employer to the employee for the purchase of ecological products and services. The vouchers are issued by private businesses. Payment to employees by means of ecocheques is exempt from social security contributions and taxes. More interesting payroll facts on page 2!

Personally, I feel like payroll departments are the most underrated departments in a company. You only want to reach out to them if something is incorrect on your payslip, whereas all the times you did get your money right on time you don't think about them twice! On page 7, we'll talk with the unspoken heroes of payroll to find out more about their jobs and give them a positive spotlight for once!

Our organization continues to integrate the 10 Global Compact Principles, read more on page 17 on how we are committed to playing a positive role in the development of a society.

This year, NGA Human Resources started working together with 2 new partners: Benify and Beqom! Seeing as our partners are specialized in different fields, it will be interesting to read their articles and those of our other partners: Kronos, Peopledoc, SAP SuccessFactors and Workday.

There's a lot more happening in this issue so I'll just leave you to it. Sit back, relax and happy reading!